Call For Papers

In addition to the research papers, ‘NCSTM-2018’ welcomes application oriented papers particularly relating to industry as well as highlighting applied problems for which appropriate solutions are being currently searched. Some of the themes identified for the conference are as under:


Ø  Smart Grid Technologies

Ø  Wireless Sensor networks

Ø  Distribution System Automation and Reforms

Ø  Digital Protection and SCADA

Ø  Intelligent and Virtual Instrumentation

Ø  Distributed Electronic Measurements

Ø  Digital Signal and Image Processing

Ø  Digital Control

Ø  Automation and Robotics

Ø  Flexible AC Transmission System

Ø  Power Electronics

Ø  Power Quality Issues

Ø  Power System Restructuring

Ø  Power Semiconductor Controlled Electric Drives

Ø  Renewable Energy Systems


Ø  Data Visualization

Ø  FOSS (Free & Open Source Software)

Ø  Cryptography/Information Security

Ø  Software Engineering

Ø  Soft Computing

Ø  Artificial Intelligence / Expert System

Ø  Data Visualization

Ø  Advanced Manufacturing Processes

Ø  Agile & Lean Manufacturing

Ø  Materials and Repairs

Ø  Computational Methods in Thermal Engineering

Ø  Vehicle Dynamics

Ø  Vehicle Modeling & Simulations

Ø  Rapid Prototyping

Ø  Renewable and Non Conventional Energy Sources

Ø  Strengthening individual and community well-being


Ø  Signal Processing and Applications

Ø  Power quality/ power engineering related technologies

Ø  Optimization Technologies

Ø  Education and Information Technologies

Ø  Entrepreneurship Development

Ø  Partnership between Academia & Corporate World

Ø  Civil Material & Environmental Sciences

Ø  Stress & Time Management

Ø  UrbanEngineering Aerodynamics/Applied Mechanics

Ø  System Modeling and Simulation

Ø  Medical Instrumentation

Ø  Digital System Design

Ø  Medical Signal and Image Processing

Ø  Natural Language Processing

Ø  ERP, E-Commerce & E-Content

Ø  Data Modeling

Ø  Video streaming coding and processing

Ø  Speech processing

Ø  Smart antenna system/Satellite and microwave Technologies

Ø  Embedded systems /Nano electronics

Ø  Algorithms

Ø  Reliability Engineering

Ø  Flexible Manufacturing Technology & System

Ø  Materials Characteristics, Smart Materials And Systems

Ø  Micro-Machining

Ø  Nano- Technology & Smart Materials

Ø  Helping feed the world

Ø  Nurturing bio-resource innovation

Ø  Ensuring a healthy environment

Ø  Surface Engineering & Tribology

Ø  Agricultural Sciences